We realize that managing pipe and tubing is not a core business activity for most of our customers. DNOW works with them to tackle these challenges:

  • Multiple material transfers
  • Administrative overhead
  • Carrying cost of inventory
  • Material write-offs and write-downs
  • Material management
  • Sale of rejected material
  • Paying taxes on idle inventory
  • Data retention for SOX audits


Our tubing reclamation services are intended to remove some of the burden of surplus and scrap material management from our customers. We can facilitate the following:

  • Visual inspection and classification of material on-site
  • Full-length drift of material to check internal clearances
  • Thread inspection and repair, when possible
  • Holding of surplus material until it is needed
  • Ensuring that only materials meeting your inspection criteria are made available for reuse
  • Buying material from you at a predetermined rate by classification
  • Reclaiming, coating, or lining material
  • Selling reclaimed material back to you based on associated costs
  • Coordinating pick-up and delivery of material through a 3rd party
  • Selling scrap material and returning the capital to you
  • Reporting on recovery rates, inspection analysis, inventory levels, and expenses