Companies in our industry face many challenges, from investing too much capital in non-core assets to lacking a defined material management program, leading to the following outcomes:

  • Material outages/shortages
  • Surplus material buildup without a redeployment strategy
  • Capital spares are not preserved and ready to go when they are required
  • Unnecessary spot purchases as opposed to planned purchases

DNOW recognizes that every operation is unique. Utilizing our supply chain locations, regional warehouses, and access to products, we can ensure superior customer service and high product availability and fill rates based on demand plans and historical usage for each customer.

Watch the video below to learn more about our supply chain services capabilities:

Materials Management

When inventory integrity is identified as an issue within a customer facility, we assess the typical areas where improvements can be made:

  • Receiving
  • Stocking
  • Picking and shipping
  • Inventory control
  • Dead stock

Making changes within these areas typically has a ripple effect that carries improvement throughout the supply chain. As a customer's materials management partner, our responsibility is to monitor inventory constantly and provide reporting that will allow both companies to make inventory decisions well before the risk of large write-offs become a reality.


DistributionNOW's implementation process involves a preliminary site assessment and the analysis of on-hand inventory levels, historical usage, and replenishment points to identify opportunities for cost savings, waste elimination, standardization of materials, and process efficiencies. This is a multi-step process where milestones are documented, achieved, and assessed:

  1. Systems integration
  2. Item-coding and bin locating material
  3. Establishing material flow standard operating procedures
  4. Employee training and continuous process improvement

Continuous Improvement

One way that we obtain sustained results is through the incorporation of analytics into our process. It becomes the playbook for sustained improvement. Our account executives work with our customers to develop and monitor key performance indicators (KPIs), and they provide metrics by customer location or business unit, spending trends and analysis, and opportunities for cost savings. We can drill down and measure just about anything our customers request. Most of our competitors simply cannot provide this level of detail.

Case Studies

DNOW works with customers at three levels of engagement: transactional, partnership, and integration. Visit our Case Studies page to learn how we work with a diverse group of customers at all three levels.