RigStore® is the name of our flexible, customizable model for servicing customer offshore facilities. This model links three major components:

  1. Storeroom - customer-owned materials located in the offshore facility and synchronized to DNOW's supply chain. These materials are monitored and replenished from the shorebase location.
  2. Shorebase - customer-owned materials, including MRO consumables, critical spares, and capital spares, designated for storeroom replenishment. Material-related services provided include logistics, procurement support, and back-up and surplus material management.
  3. Hub - support location serving the shorebase location. The specific type of support may range from performance monitoring, to accounting processes, to additional employees for project demands.

RigStore drawing

RigStore® brings our supply chain expertise and strategic supplier relationships to the offshore drilling site and reduces capital investment and total cost of ownership for our customers.


The RigStore® model has many benefits for offshore drillers and producers, in all aspects of their operations. Here's how DistributionNOW provides value for customer issues:

Capital Outlay
  • Reduction in capital investment by leveraging shorebase and global DNOW inventory
Inventory Management
  • Use drilling contractor's system and periodically reconcile with DNOW's system
  • Inventory replenishment process on board through material planning
  • DNOW can provide people, processes and ERP capabilities
Shorebase Infrastructure
  • Utilize existing DNOW shorebase infrastructure
  • Drilling contractor pays a portion of the scalable shorebase infrastructure
  • DNOW maintains backup inventory as needed to support operations
Setup and Shutdown Costs
  • Reduced setup and shutdown costs by DNOW's infrastructure
Service and Repair
  • DNOW provides procurement personnel for services and repair work
  • DNOW leverages its domestic and international sourcing
  • DNOW dramatically reduces transactional burden on drilling contractor