For corrosion control and prevention, DNOW performance coatings experts save you time and resources by ensuring that your project benefits from the most current coatings products and knowledge. Our NACE certified inspectors are dedicated to providing you with world class service, superior products, and a positive return on your investment:

  • Problem identification – expert analysis with NACE certified Level 3 inspectors
  • Development and evaluation of specifications – working closely with you to define, fulfill, and document your corrosion protection needs
  • On-site training – provided by our experts and manufacturers, and customized to your needs
  • Detailed cost analysis – defining value through extensive survey data, all while working within budgetary parameters
  • Inspection reports – pre- and post-job written analyses, recommendations, findings, and photographic history

Our Suppliers

  • American Coatings

  • Tnemec

  • PPG Protective & Marine Coatings

  • Rust-Oleum

  • Sherwin-Williams

High-Performance Coatings

  • Acrylics (solvent and waterborne)
  • Alkyds (oil-based enamels, high solids)
  • Epoxies (high build and high solids)
  • Polyurethanes
  • Tank linings

Safety and Environmental

All of our coating products are lead- and chromate-free and VOC compliant. We aim to reduce the risk of pollution and improve worker safety with low-solvent, solvent-free, and waterborne technologies.