DNOW is a global distributor of pipe and tubing, manual and actuated valves, fittings, flanges, gaskets, fasteners, instrumentation, power transmission products, mill and janitorial supplies, hand and power tools, machine cutting tools, safety products, personal protective equipment (PPE), electrical products, artificial lift equipment, pumps, fabricated equipment, drilling and production products, and industrial paint and coatings. Please visit the individual product category pages for a more complete explanation of our offerings:

Category Management

DistributionNOW’s Category Management group is composed of product specialists, directors, and buyers who are responsible for developing and maintaining our relationships with our manufacturers and suppliers. They are also responsible for the quality assurance aspects of the relationships, including the resolution of any issues with suppliers, with the assistance of our Quality Department.

Our strategy is to provide quality products at the lowest overall cost to our customers, utilizing global sourcing and measurement to continuously improve our product offering and service.

AML Management

We maintain an extensive approved manufacturers list (AML) of U.S. and global suppliers that have been thoroughly vetted through our Supplier Evaluation Program. Our AML is one of our most powerful benefits to our customers, some of whom have chosen to adopt it as their own, while others collaborate directly with us. Manufacturers are subject to the same rigorous approval and audit processes, which allow us to deliver quality products that meet customer form, fit, and function requirements at the lowest total costs of ownership. DistributionNOW’s AML includes best-in-class suppliers who meet our ISO 9001 standards for quality of product and service. More information about our program is available on the Quality page.

Product Standardization

Our implementation process includes analysis of customer usage and on-hand inventory to evaluate opportunities for standardization of materials, eliminate unnecessary duplications, and to identify opportunities for cost savings.


Product documentation, such as specifications, safety data sheets (SDS), and mill test reports (MTR) are stored electronically at the branch level and may be reviewed at any time by customer request. Our online MTR and SDS database is available in the Resource Center.

Mill Test Report Process
  1. MTRs are scanned and uploaded to DistributionNOW’s MetalTrace system.
  2. Heat numbers are assigned to our SAP sales orders in one of two ways:
    1. For inventoried material: heat numbers are captured during order picking and automatically assigned to the SAP sales order.
    2. For buy-out material: heat numbers are captured manually during receiving, and a sales representative assigns heat numbers to the SAP sales order.
  3. Heat numbers are entered into DistributionNOW’s MetalTrace system or supplier websites to search for and download the corresponding MTRs.
  4. MTRs for all applicable materials are sent with the sales order documentation, including the customer purchase order number referenced, and can also be emailed upon request.
  5. Customers can have direct access to the MetalTrace system to retrieve additional copies of MTRs by purchase order number.